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Rite Care

Is Silence Golden?

Silence is not golden for children who have speech, hearing or learning problems. Nor for parents who desperately want their children to understand and be understood, but are unable to afford the therapy these children need.

Language and learning disorders are the most common disabilities among school children, and roughly five percent of all children have noticeable speech problems. Without early diagnosis and treatment, these youngsters are severely limited in their personal growth and academic progress. But children aren’t the only people who suffer from these disabilities. Between six and eight million people in the U.S.. are affected with language, speech, and other learning disorders. In a world where communication is of primary importance, their capabilities are severely flawed with devastating consequences.

Nevada Rite Care ~ Helping Nevada Children Communicate

Operating Costs

The costs of operating our RiteCare clinics in Reno and Carson City, which provide these necessary services to afflicted children are entirely borne by the Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation. Our support of the clinics now exceeds $50,000 anually.

  • Are you willing to assist in helping a learning disabled child?
  • Will you help make a better and brighter future for such a child?
  • Do you want to assist in offering hope for their parents?
  • Do you want to insure the successful continuation of our Nevada Scottish Rite clinics?
  • Will you specifically show your support to this worthwhile, life changing, life enhancing philanthropy?

You Can Help

A tax deductible gift made now to the Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation will demonstrate your positive answers to these important questions. Your donations go entirely to the support of the Clinics, or Endowment Fund. NO administration costs are deducted. Our Board of Trustees donate their time and talent so that the Foundation can function productively and effectively.

Add your support to the Scottish Rite Speech Clinics by making a tax deductible contribution of $50, $100, $365, or any other amount you wish.

Please make your tax deductible gift payable to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Nevada, whose sole purpose is to fund the Scottish Rite Children’s Learning Center. Gifts may also be made in any of the following ways:

  • In Memory of
  • In Honor of
  • On the Occasion of
  • Donor’s Name

Make sure and include the Donor’s Name and address and Gift announcement information if applicable.

Mail your tax deductible donation to:

Nevada Scottish Rite Foundation
P.O. Box 2068
Reno, NV 89505-9949 

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