Valley Officers

Heads of Bodies and Other Officers

Ill ∴ David O. Martinez, 33°Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Nevada

Nevada Lodge of Perfection
Christopher P. Shoemaker, 32°
Venerable Master
Washoe Chapter of Rose Croix
David L. Evans, 32°
Wise Master
Pyramid Council of Kadosh
Nathan C. Digangi, 32°, KCCH
Reno Consistory
Mark E. Smith, 33°
Officers of All Bodies
Ill ∴ Charles F. Steiner, 33°Almoner

Ill ∴ Richard M. Graver, Jr., 33°

Paul Kelley, 32°

Ill ∴ H. Wayne Kingsley, 33°

Ill ∴ Eugene H “Gene” Nelson, 33°
Ill ∴ Stephen V. Robison, 33°
Ill ∴ Richard M. Graver Jr., 33°
Ill ∴ Michael P. Aurnague, 33°
Personal Representative Valley of Reno
Ill ∴ H. Wayne Kingsley, 33°, Interim Personal Representative